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If somebody asks me what my favorite color is, my reply is always that I can’t pick and that is the exact truth. The fact of the matter is I rejoice in color, all varieties of it. But, like a parent with multiple children I have my secret favorites. Coral is one of them, I believe the best thing about coral is that not only can you incorporate it into your fashion (clothes,shoes,accessories) but it can also be prominent in makeup this is because virtually EVERYBODY has a tint of coral in their skin now the complexion of your pigment decides how much of it you can see. That is why everybody can wear coral, because it is a color that is seen in all skin tones. That’s why I’m loving these coral shoes, simply because they are pretty. A fruitful combo of pink and orange, coral is a perfect choice for spring and summer footwear. So if your looking for a color that is not afraid to shine, try coral.

Special Delivery: Perfect Coral Shoes for the Season

Roberto Cavalli high heels

Marni high heels