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Lately, I’ve been in a real creativity funk. I couldn’t think of a great Outfit Del Día, and then to the rescue came the Polyvore shopping section! Here, they feature what’s trending in the fashion community. All the items in this outfit are from the shopping section, so you know that your look is in key trend. My inspiration for this look was the weather in Los Angles, it can get really hot and dry in the afternoon but at night it’s crisp and warm and even chilly! However, my favorite time of the day are the mornings in L.A. It’s never too hot or cold and the sky is beautifully clear. This outfit is designed for a day in L.A. Start off by cuffing the slouchy pants and scrunching the sleeves of the sweater, wear without the motorcycle jacket. Once it gets cold uncuff and unscrunch then throw on the jacket. I love every single piece in this outfit, my favorite being the motorcycle jacket which is perfect for warm weather wear. The key trends incorporated into this outfit are : lace-up booties, sequined sweaters, motorcycle jackets, and slouchy pants. Which trend is your favorite ? Leave your reply in the comments.