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I not really sure why but since I was four I’ve always loved things in stick form. From foundation to eyeshadow I love the creamy look that it leaves on your skin, I know its weird but that’s my preference. So when I spotted an ad for Clinique’s chubby stick line 7 months ago in a Teen Vogue magazine there was in instant wave of commercialism that overtook me. Now you may be asking yourself why I didn’t buy a Chubby Stick earlier if I so badly wanted to try it out, the answer is simply that I did not get the opportunity to. However, when we were at the mall a couple of weeks ago, I decided that it was time to give it a try and went ahead and purchased one. I bought my Chubby Stick from Sephora in the shade of 06 Woppin’ Watermelon for $16. I really like the packaging of the product of itself.




My favorite part about this balm is that it rolls on very smooth and is non-greasy however, it could definitely use more moisturizing power. The main problem is the durability, it gets annoying having to constantly reapply every 15-20 minutes. I found the price to be very reasonable and was pleasantly surprised by it as I expected it would be more expensive.
I chose this shade because it is natural making it age appropriate and perfect for everyday wear. If you apply only one coat you get a light bubble gum pink but if you keep reapplying eventually the color turns into a hot pink. Usually I would never wear hot pink on my lips but because the color is sheer it is easier to pull off. I personally prefer the lighter color over the darker one due to how it complements my skin tone.


I always want to make sure that the products that I review are real-life-proof so today when I was in D.C. I decided that my chubby stick would be the only makeup I would be carrying with me. this was what I thought :

Pros :
1. No bleeding !!!!
2. Convenient and easy to carry ( fit in my blazers pocket )
3. Kept lips soft and moisturized all day
4. Was not greasy and didn’t melt in the 100 degree heat : )

Cons :
1. Not long-lasting
2. Color kept on changing

Verdict :