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Madewell shirt


Art deco purse

A lot of people are afraid to stand out, not just through their clothes but in everyday life. That’s why I love fashion, because it is a beautiful form of self-expression. So say you love fluorescent pink but are intimidated by wearing it, but would love to. The first thing to do is to write down on a sticky note “I will incorporate fluorescent pink into an outfit by next week.” Once you once you have that self-motivation thing down, it’s time to start thinking about how to achieve your flashole. Now I’m not saying that your outfit should be a Barbie extravaganza, instead my advice is that you start small and as you start mastering the tricks of the trade, use more and more of the trend, color, etc. How you should do this starts in your accessories, start off with a rustic and simple outfit that includes little to no color. Then add a coordinating piece of say jewelry and matching shoes. Now you can go crazy with color, print, and design. Remember NEVER to over do it two to three fantastic pieces are more than enough. I hope that this article showed you a way to push your boundaries in simple ways. What trend will you try ? Leave your reply in the comments.