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In the “Dark Ages” I used to use a cream foaming cleanser but after my mother bought me a generous quantity of Lush products, that including their solid cleansers my routine has entered the Beautyscaince. Now, I have absolutely fell in love with them and will not go back. The cleansers that my mom bought for me were ; Angels On Bare Skin (price: $6.93) and Herbalism (price: $9.45). Below are photos of the packaging and product itself.



Angels on Bare Skin :

Claimed by Lush to be one of their best-selling products, I can now see why it is so popular ! From the first time I used it, my skin was instantly smoother and softer. The exfoliation the almond is said to provide is no joke, when I was massaging the mixture into my skin I didn’t feel ANY sloughing, but after washing-off my skin was velvety smooth and silken. I really love the fact that both facial cleansers can be doubled as masks and because of Angels on Bare Skin’s clay base, it feels a bit like wearing a bentonite clay mask. I have been using this for awhile now and the great thing is you don’t need a lot of cleanser to cover your face. How much you use also depends on how thick you like it, I personally like it thick but the problem for me is the shelf life. You know it’s natural because the cleanser is only supposed to last 3 months but part if its charm is its is also it’s drawback.



This paste is very runny compared to how thick I normally make it.

Herbalism :

Herbalism is my personal favorite cleanser out of the two. I can’t stand oily skin and after just one use I already noticed that my skin was more matte and comfortable. I love the color which really stands up to the name, also it makes a better paste which is thicker and richer. There was no trace of extra oil on my skin from the cleanser, and I could feel the difference. When I was reading the reviews on LUSH.com I noticed that a lot of people mentioned an unpleasant “vinegar-like” odor belonging to Herbalism, which I never noticed. In fact, for me it was the exact opposite ! I love the smell of Herbalism, it is very natural and reminds me of my hikes in Hawaii. I guess you some people have really sensitive noses ; )




The paste is normally much richer and as you add more water you get more coverage.

Due to the similarities in both products they share a pros and cons list, any subject differences can be read in the product evaluations above.

Pros :
Improves Skin Texture
Leaves Clean Feel
Not Greasy
Smells Great
Don’t have to use a lot
Doubles as a mask
Exfoliates effectively
Fun to use

Cons :
Easily Perishable

In the end I would definitely recommend both Herbalism and Angles on Bare Skin to anybody who’s current cleanser just isn’t working for them anymore. My skin type is combination so I use Herbalism in the morning to get rid of access oil and add a bit of sugar for extra exfoliation power. I use Angles at night to get rid of any dirt and grime in my pores also, the smell of lavender helps me go to sleep which is always a plus. If you have dry, sensitive, or combination skin Angles on Bare Skin can work wonders for you ( but I would be vary of the lavender in the cleanser.) However, if you have oily, troublesome, or combination skin Herbalism is perfect for you.

Final Verdict: