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The key to making this outfit visually appealing was the texture and shine that was used. Now, I want you to imagine an outfit with the same black on bottom, white on top concept ( what I have to wear from my choir uniform.) But without the detailing or shine. Boring ? I know. The over all theme I used here was the idea of flowers. You can’t really see they BEAUTIFUL flower design on the blouse, so I brought it out in the clutch. The shoes match with the black skirt, but still have black leather petals that have a very abstract feel to them. Now, if only I could convince my director to make this the new uniform…………

Mondus Opriandi

Shell top
$4.81 – newlook.com

Uniform Union zipper skirt
$1,065 – montaignemarket.com

Alexander McQueen box clutch
$2,720 – net-a-porter.com